Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Whither television? [dive into mark]

I saw a headline today that said TV Viewership was down 2.5 million. Oh wait, I blogged that already didn't I? Well it seems to be a meme or something today. So I'm bloggin' it again dammit! Go to the title article for another switcher-offers sudden realization that they don't miss TV. My take:

Well, the headline that got my attention this morning said something about 2.5 million fewer viewers this month. But reading the article revealed that it was a drop in the number for the same month last year, which is still significant. I moved from a densly populated (Washington DC) area where I “did without” cable (but really, I wasn’t watching TV at all) to an area with exactly ZERO local TV stations. To that add that I am in a condo with no ability to have an external antena at all. With some careful manipulation of an internal antenna (with signal booster) I get a station a hundred miles off just like it was coming from Alpha-Centori, ie, no picture, fuzzy sound.

“Why don’t you get cable?” everyone asks.

Because when I first got cable it was $14 a month and there were NO COMMERCIALS! Now the minimum price starts to look like $60, but to get what I used to get for $14 it kicks up to over $100 and that includes a mandatory monthly visit from the cable company to give you a kick in the nut-sack (in my case).

I just wish people would turn them off faster, because I so want to see these companies crash and burn.

There WAS of course valuable content out there, History Channel, BBC, A&E, but to a large extent I found there was a lot of repetition, and for the outrageous fees, I could just go to a discount store and buy the content on DVDs for less. Heck I can run my own 200-hour rotation now, what do I need cable for?

What about new content you say? I’ve sampled it when I visit other people. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

And besides, you can watch TV right here! See that post below? Better than anything I saw last time I visited one of you pathetic TV watchers! Clickity click.

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