Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Verizon Fights to Keep Its Landline Customers -

"As cable competitors and other Internet companies are entering the phone business, Verizon is fighting back with new high-tech services. At the same time, the New York-based company is trying to prevent phone customers from disconnecting landline service in favor of wireless or Internet-based phone service."

So far the battle has yet to reach my house. By getting a better than average deal from Sprint for Cell service I'll probably eliminate my need for Verizon LD. I'm beginning to question my need for a land line at all. With Fios I don't know how long off, some sort of price cutting would be nice.

You would THINK that companies like this could offer a better deal for people who sign up for "the works", say half price if you go with Verizon DSL, Landline, Cell, LD, but Nooooooo! they throw a 5% at you here and there (that expires after a while) and expect you to start salivating.

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