Thursday, November 01, 2007

MySpace Joins the Google OpenSocial Team - Bits - Technology - New York Times Blog

The OpenSocial effort is designed to allow third-party developers to create one set of programs that work across many of the Web’s most popular social networks, including LinkedIn, Friendster, Hi5, Bebo, and now MySpace.

I think what this shows is that while end-users (webtards that they are) pay very little attention to privacy issues,lock-in, and so on, modern technology companies are realizing the value of ganging up on the leader much earlier than they have in the past, particularly when that leader shows signs of attempting a lock-in maneuver.

This will get great kudos from idealists such as me, but will it be enough to head off a Microsoft-like takeover of the Internet?

Yeah, prolly. Especially as the whole do-everything-using-Facebook experience sucks pretty bad anyway.

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