Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One Post per Blog

I recently decided to do all my blogging here. So much simpler. Hardest part will be making sure I have a back-up of some sort (Google still doesn't provide a true back-up for archival purposes as far as I know) for the blogs that will eventually be dropped.

But I have it easy. Some people have apparently taken the opposite tack of posting one or two items and then just moving on to another blog, another name, another profile entry. (Didn't there use to be a five blog limit per user?) It almost looks like domain name squatting, or an amateurish SEO effort.

As an early user of most things Google, I've always, or almost always, been able to pick the name I wanted for things. Not true at AOL where I was very late to the party and had to look for a name that included numbers, or special characters so as not to be unbearably long and hard to remember. Fortunately I don't use AOL for much (IM) and even that less and less as time goes on.

But we may be approaching a time when all the "good" names are used up within the Google name space, and possibly by people who, for whatever reason, aren't really making such good use of those names. I wonder what, if anything they (Google) will do about it, and whether they have considered the impression this makes on potential new users who will have to call their blog something like "J4n3ts Blog".

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