Friday, November 16, 2007

OpenWorld: 1,500 companies adopt Oracle Unbreakable Linux

"The number of customers is impressively greater than the number Oracle announced six months ago: 26. And that was with 'virtually no selling at all' of Unbreakable Linux, CEO Larry Ellison bragged during his keynote speech at Oracle's OpenWorld 2007 conference. 'We did all of this while just building up our Linux sales team,' he said. Unbreakable Linux includes enterprise support for applications running on either Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or Oracle's close clone, all at half the price of Red Hat Inc.'s offering."

Considering Oracles entire data center operation converted over to Linux years ago, and last time I checked it was their development platform, why would anyone in their right minds (that excludes my former employers within the federal government) want to run a dedicated Oracle server on Windows?

Maybe I answered my own question there.

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