Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FCW Forum: Can feds turn back the clock on outsourcing?

"This goes to show you what Hilary is made of. The only weakness in outsourcing the fed is the fed itself. Too many COTRs cannot manage the work. Too many work hard to not solve any problem so they can coast to retirement on the back of a perpetual operation. Then they get addicted to incumbents because they don't know how to keep true control of a program. Outsourcing is the solution. Anything else is Socialism. If outsourcing is done inefficiently (and it is) it's a problem to be laid at the feet of Federal employees. So we need more Federal employees? Surely not! One more thing- anyone who thinks outsourcing is more expensive than a Fed employee doesn't account for the whole cost of a Fed employee. Outsourcing is the future. If Hilary wants it rolled back, then Hilary is truly looking backward."

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