Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Waxman Method -

"Every specific charge against Mr. Krongard was examined and refuted in a report by the committee minority. And as Mr. Krongard noted, he was not a big political donor, had never met President Bush, and had never been to the White House except as a tourist. Yet none of these facts interfered with Mr. Waxman's public smears that Mr. Krongard's 'partisan political ties' had led him to 'halt investigations, censor reports, and refuse to cooperate with law-enforcement agencies.'"


  1. When Democrats took back control of congress, everyone knew that Waxman would devote all of his resources to a steady flow of investigations directed at anyone with any connection to the Republican administration. That is what he has always done and no one expected anything else.

    Waxman is grandstanding, egocentric bully with unlimited resources. I believe that historians will view him correctly, as an ineffective legislator whose only real talent was ruining the careers of good and decent people.

  2. Democrats are supposed to be so kind hearted (no I don't buy it, I know too many of 'em) but this guy has always come across as a total ass.

    What kind of people can elect such a man?