Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A look into MySpace

"When you see the videos you’ll see that MySpace has a philosophy. One that says that users should be free to express themselves in pretty much whatever way they want. If that means yellow text on a blinking purple background, so be it."

"Who’s the keeper of that philosophy? Steve Pearman (seen here). He demonstrated something that I wish more corporate types would demonstrate (including me). He pointed out several times in our interview that he doesn’t have any claim on knowing the right way to do something. He said that even if he were pretty correct, say, that 95% of MySpace’s users agreed with him, that’d mean that millions of people would still disagree with his decision."

Billion dollar idea: So who is closer to the "perfect" social networking system: Orkut (with its dead simple interface and limited functionality, but also easy to control privacy settings), Myspace (with its completely flexible formatting -- that requires a masters degree in CSS) or Facebook (with its wonderful API, that requires that you run a 24/7 server set-up of your own to get started with)?

To me Ning makes a lot more sense. You can pretty much do whatever you want with formatting. Plus if you are part of a group it lends itself to creating your own "walled garden". And yet, you only have to sign in once. I really don't see how the others even come close. But most people have never heard of Ning, and may never.

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