Friday, February 01, 2008

not able to access my gmail account - Issues Logging In | Google Groups

"That didn't work. I'm so UPSET. I have a major event I'm planning and everyone's info is in the account. Is there any other way?"

Flickr, Facebook, Live, and poor old Yahoo all have growing pains at times.

Are some of these systems bursting at the seems?

How much do you trust that real "Engineering" has taken place with all your online data (nevermind your local data, we already KNOW that's screwed up!)?

I forward all my Gmail to a Live account, but have it stay in the Inbox as well. Most of the time I just use Gmail. I check Live once a month (attention Microsoft advertisers!) just to keep the account alive. But the Yahoo and Live e-mail interfaces are like sucking bowling balls through a straw (yes, why would anyone want to do that?). If I was REALLY paranoid, I could POP my mail off of Google servers and keep a local copy too... useful for a laptop that's about to do some traveling, but not as far as I can tell, for a desktop system.

I rarely have to search for old e-mail messages, and tell others every chance I get not to use e-mail as a database. But do they listen? Noooooooo!

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