Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bidenisms: A collection of the vice president's gaffes and head-slappers. - By Jeremy Stahl - Slate Magazine

"I have not bent the law, but I have let imagination take hold in some places where I think it's consistent with the spirit of the law. … Is that the best way of saying that? Yes, … I should stop."

Thus did the vice president add another entry to the growing collection of Bidenisms. The precise definition of Bidenism, like a Bidenism itself, is murky. Some Bidenisms are the sort of miscellaneous verbal or policy gaffes that are made by every politician. But the best ones—the statements that are uniquely Bidenistic—exemplify the bluster, excess verbosity, and fake charm of dumb-politician stereotypes, yet they come from a seasoned politico who can also be clever and self-effacing.

Good that at least part of the MSM (Well, Slate is a tiny part at least) is starting to take notice.

But of course they spin Biden's gaffs as signs of great intelligence while those of Republicans are born out of ignorance.

Never mind that the people of Delaware make fun of him behind his back not so gently and quite a few are happy to have him now graduated beyond the state's politics.

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