Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yosi Sergant Gets Hypovehiculated -

The good news for job-seekers is that Sergant's departure appears to have left two positions open at the NEA: director of communications, and new media and special projects adviser. To judge by the phone list, the director of communications oversees a staff of three communications specialists. We have one request: If you get this job, Victoria Hutter will be working for you. Please be kind to her. She has had a rough week and has been doing her best in a job that cannot help but take a toll on one's dignity.

As for the new media and special projects adviser position, we're afraid we still don't have a job description. We do know, however, that this job has somewhat of a troubled history. Our understanding is that the last guy held it for slightly less than one business day.

And more hilarious coverage of the loopy left.

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