Saturday, September 26, 2009

John Fund: Congress Needs a 72-Hour Waiting Period -

Although Barack Obama campaigned last year for transparency and openness in government, their idea has languished in committee since June. It has 67 Republican and 31 Democratic co-sponsors—a rare show of bipartisanship. Normally, bills can't be considered for a floor vote until House leadership schedules them. That's why Messrs. Baird and Walden filed a discharge petition to dislodge their bill from committee this week. If a majority of members (218) sign it, their proposal can be voted on over the objections of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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  1. John Fund knows perfectly well his suggestion is meaningless. How about something with teeth? How about truth bonding and paying their own bonding insurance? Of course, if either Congress or John Fund had to tell the truth they wouldn't know what to say. Hey! That would be an improvement, let's go for it.