Monday, September 14, 2009

Howard Kurtz - Beck and the Mainstream

While not going far enough to match reality, this article probably goes as far as anyone at the Washington Post goes to admitting culpability without losing their job. Then there is this gem:

Back in Kenya

The Boston Globe has an interesting piece from Obama's native country on attempts to cash in:

(the rest of the quote is unimportant)

Freudian slip? Is Kurtz a "Birther"? or is he just using a tertiary definition of the phrase?

Fact is that mainstream media coverage sucks, and it has sucked for quite some time. It reached it's peak of suckage when it contracted Bush Derangement Syndrome, and shows no sign of recovering. Obama to the media represented the farthest thing from Bush they could imagine, which shows how little imagination they have among other things (Bush was NOT a conservative). They did this based on the theory that a Congress and President with extreme leaning and a kooky left wing base tugging it even farther to the left would still exercise restraints based on "common sense". Only now, they, and many Obama voters are seeing that they were wrong about that.

I happen to think that it is probably too late to rectify the wheels that our extremely biased media has set in motion. The wild swings of our politics that they have help amplify, coupled with an economy so bad that people at the top have decided to best approach is to simply tell bigger lies about it have set us on a well worn historical course.

If you want to know where it all ends up, just read your history books. The newspapers right now will be of no use to you.

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