Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Feds Struggle with H-1B Case - IT Management from eWeek

Feds Struggle with H-1B Case - IT Management from eWeek
The evidence seems strong, but the case began to unravel since it has reached court in Iowa. The judge presiding over the case has already dismissed a number of counts related to charges involving mail fraud, knocking out eight of the 18 counts.

The judge followed with a ruling that the search warrants issued the day of arrests were "over-inclusive" and not limited to the warrant. The warrant required the feds to make its examination of the digital images within 60 days, which they did not.

Those pesky due process rules!

Of course he H1B laws are a disaster, possibly accomplishing *some* good, but doing a lot of mischief along the way. Like the FCC decision today, we have a cacophony of laws based on apocryphal conceptualizations of the few, designed to blind the many. Oh, yes, H1B *might* get us a key rocket scientist from some oppressive country, but it will certainly get us thousands of mediocre network administrators and people who end up doing anything from used car salesmen to chicken farmers.

Unspoken in this "debate" is that our education system is turning out such "retards" (plug in your own more politically correct word) that we have to import people not to do "rocket science" but to do even mundane technical work, because the locals aren't qualified. The left is out of ideas (other than keep paying administrators higher salaries) but they are quite sure that any idea involving competition for the state-run school system won't work (and just to make sure it won't work they won't allow it to be tried).

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