Sunday, April 25, 2010

The leftist propaganda of American media is not new | The Real Revo

The leftist propaganda of American media is not new | The Real Revo
The evidence, however, is blatant and undeniable. Malcolm Muggeridge of the Manchester Guardian contemporary of Duranty and described him as “the greatest liar of any journalist I have met in fifty years of journalism.” He also wrote this of Duranty and his fellow travelers in Moscow.
Wise old [Bernard]Shaw, high-minded old [Henri]Barbusse, the venerable [Sidney and Beatrice] Webbs, [Andre] Gide the pure in heart and [Pablo] Picasso the impure, down to poor little teachers, crazed clergymen and millionaires, driveling dons and very special correspondents like Duranty, all resolved, come what might, to believe anything, however preposterous, to overlook nothing, however villainous, to approve anything, however obscurantist and brutally authoritarian, in order to be able to preserve intact the confident expectation that one of the most thorough-going, ruthless and bloody tyrannies ever to exist on earth could be relied on to champion human freedom, the brotherhood of man, and all the other good liberal causes to which they had dedicated their lives.

America allowed itself to be deceived by Western propagandists of terror and murder. We lived in denial while horror was imposed on millions. The tradition continues. The willingness of today’s mainstream media to grovel at the feet of totalitarianism has a long and extensive pedigree.

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