Monday, October 17, 2005

HD-DVD will be last physical media format, says Gates

"Speaking to a student audience at Waterloo University in Canada, Bill Gates served a death warrant on CDs and DVDs. “(High definition DVD) is the last physical media format there will ever be,” said Gates. “There won’t be one after this one.”"

OK, that settles it. We now know there will be AT LEAST one more type of physical media after the HD-DVD. Gates track record for technology forecasting is abysmal.

Of course his prediction SHOULD be correct. Just as voice over IP should have replaced most people's telephones years ago, the internet, in spite of the hinderances of Microsoft, should have replaced most of what we do with programs like Microsoft Office years ago too. Many organizations are coming to the slow realization that they are spending large amounts of time formatting documents for print, and then not printing them. Look dummies: Its a MEMO. Fill in the memo fields and save the text. Let it get formatted when it needs to be formatted. We learned this in... uh... the 70s! Eventually we will "figure it out" again.

Oh, I should have pointed to the original article dug from under a pile of blogs just like mine.

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