Saturday, October 08, 2005

NewsForge | Citizens Against Government Waste vs. Massachusetts OpenDocument decision

"In its latest press release on the matter, the group seemed to confuse document formats with IT architecture and applications, blasting 'a plan in Massachusetts to force all state computer networks to move to an open source format' and the state's supposed 'mandate that state agencies use only open source and open standard software by January 1, 2007.'

When contacted by NewsForge, CAGW president Tom Schatz said the statements, reprinted by several Linux and open source publications in the original form, were 'wrong,' and the organization's press release was subsequently changed to read: 'CAGW today criticized a plan in Massachusetts to force all state agencies to shift all their documents to an 'open' format.' Another correction to the release said the Massachusetts policy 'would mandate that state agencies use only open formats for the storage of documents by January 1, 2007.'"

From: MS Shill Organizations
To: Rest of World
Subject: Don't Confuse Us With Facts

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