Wednesday, October 12, 2005

IBM Research turns 60... And I spontaneously combust

"IBM inventions and discoveries include the programming language Fortran (1957), magnetic storage (1955), the relational database (1970), DRAM (dynamic random access memory) cells (1962), the RISC (reduced instruction set computer) chip architecture (1980), fractals (1967), superconductivity (1987) and the Data Encryption Standard (1974). In the last 12 years, IBM has received 29,021 patents--more than any other company or individual in the world."

In the mean time, we continue to search for evidence that Microsoft has any research objectives beyond wearing out the Patent office with protective software patents (which Microsoft also claims to oppose). For instance there is the Microsoft Hall of Innovation which so far seems to only be giving MS credit for Microsoft BOB and the talking paper clip.

Other publications also continue the search for research in Redmond. Not only mainstream publications such as Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes but many blogs... and bloglike things, and so on, and so forth.

If you look hard enough (excluding Microsofts own pages of course), you can find that from time to time a
minor local tech pub pays obeisance. As you raise your prices, crack down on pirates, lock down everyones PC 'till they can be safely stamped "Microsoft Inside", do take pains not to destroy the economy of the Northwest as you enter your decline. I'd recommend perhaps a gradual migration to some Mid-eastern emirate, where forming cartels and doing things to thwart the United States are looked favorably upon. Maybe parts of Hollywood can join you there.

It feels so good to be back from a bad cold.

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