Thursday, January 31, 2008

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . End of Life | PBS

In a comment not related to the article's title:
"Maybe what IBM is doing is turning itself into a business that is mainly NOT in the U.S. Those rosy forecasts could be based on an active plan to essentially abandon the bottom of the U.S. market in favor of the top of every international market. It hurts the U.S. employees (especially those in services) but makes sense in so many ways. The model it scarily reminds me of is Tyco, which went so far as to switch its incorporation to Bermuda."

On the title: Wow, the new networked world did save a lot on "mainframes" didn't it? What ever happened to all that savings by the way?

As far as IBM goes:

Why should we be surprised if more companies don't follow suit? The US remains the freest country in the world generally, but "Big Business" is a dirty word here. The feds pass laws, most of which require the states and private companies to do the heavy lifting.

IBM was great to its employees at a time when no laws required it to be. It was a competitive advantage that attracted some of the best workers. They can still probably do this in some countries, but not here.

Our country has made enemies of the institutions that made us great and sang the praises of those who held us back. Welcome American, your bed is made. Now lay in it.

Just in time for HillaryCare.

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