Monday, January 07, 2008

Sony's Hirai eyes PS3 profit as costs decline | Reuters

"gaming chief Kaz Hirai hopes to turn a profit on the PlayStation 3 console business in the entertainment conglomerate's next fiscal year, fuelled in part by falling costs for the parts used to make the device."

Some of my "I-told-you-sos" are so old I can't remember them straight.

Here is what I remember: PS/2s were profitable from almost the beginning. XBoxes have never been. Whoever is making PowerPC chips is the winner since 100 percent of game consoles now use them, until they switch to something else, which doesn't seem to be in the near-term cards.

The rest, still not so obvious to some: Apple making their "PC" indistinguishable from all the others allows for a graceful exit from the business. Jobs, following Gates, Ballmer and others will finally move on to the rest of his life leaving the company to be run by luminaries such as Al Gore! And others.

The end is nye! Really. Get used to it.

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