Sunday, January 13, 2008

KDE 4: a New Dawn For The Linux Desktop?

"Trolltech's Knoll noted that while KDE has a somewhat weak stand in commercial distributions and mindshare in the US, KDE does fare a lot better in Europe and in South America. Knoll also pointed out that recent OpenSuSE survey shows that 71 percent of their users are using KDE versus 21 percent GNOME. Plus, he noted, Mandriva Linux is mainly KDE based."

About time they let KDE out of the penalty box. With each new release of Debian I try Gnome, but end up switching to KDE. Gnomes only advantage is that it runs a bit faster on older hardware, but when that has been an issue I often end up running one of the really slimed down desktops.

I wonder how many people know that KDE runs MUCH faster from the command line rather than from the KDM Desktop manager? I'm not sure what KDM does that is so expensive, but the ability to login using a GUI vs character mode isn't worth a lot to me.

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