Sunday, January 13, 2008

OSAF Announces Financing and Personnel Shakeup - New York Times

"'OSAF has been primarily funded by one person up to this point, Mitch Kapor. Our goal going forward is to modify our organization and our funding model to grow into a publicly supported community project, not propelled by one individual,' Parlante wrote."

I got this e-mail letter too. I didn't see it so much as a "shake-up" however, maybe it is something that should have been happening more gradually. If the only way Open Source can succeed is for philanthropists to continually dump money into it, then that is as good as failure.

It has taken what seems like a long time for them to get out anything that is usable. I had hoped for a quick replacement for the floundering Evolution, but have since just started using Google for everything. Maybe the whole project is OBE at this point.

It would still be nice for small organizations to have a viable alternative to Exchange (if that is still what they are calling it), but I haven't read much about such things happening lately.

I did see a brief demo of this project though and it would seem it blows the doors off of anything already out there.

Timing, if not everything, is a whole lotta thing.

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