Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What to do if you’re laid off in 2008 recession « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

All good advice, but several of the comments indicate poor writing/typing/grammar skills. While you might just get someone to write your resume for you, you still have to demonstrate an ability to communicate during the interview. As an interviewer I would have always found some way to gracefully dismiss those with communications issues. This is not a foreign language issue as many immigrants have better English language skills than native Americans.

I don't think Yahoo is a good poster child for your headline though. Yahoo, and several other tech companies have their own unique problems with performance that have nothing to do with recession, but more too do with continued bad management.

If we are in fact at the beginning of a recession (which is still questionable) the factors driving it will be the housing bubble, and the fact that an upcoming potential change in leadership (as in 2000) gives a lot of people incentives to talk the economy down. So some of this recession will magically correct itself right after the November elections, other parts will take longer.

If we are in fact also experiencing a tech bubble-burst, it may in fact be a continuation of what happened in 2000 which is I think a VERY healthy shift away from everyone's desktop being treated as an independent "data-center". Businesses should be able to get by with far fewer "administrators" than they use today, and home users should not have to learn the details of how a PC operates in order to do ordinary tasks. Web (meaningless number) technology will continue to move toward big server farms that will support appliance-like devices at home (or in the office) that are cheap enough to be thrown away when they stop booting (failure to boot being a very rare event). It's fairly easy to see which companies are helping this process along versus companies that are fighting it all the way. Don't underestimate Wall Street's ability to pick the eventual winners and losers.

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