Monday, April 21, 2008

bits/news from the users of Debian?

What are you using Debian for? Recording your band's latest songs? Making valentines for someone? Or powering a spy satellite to take high-res photos of the Colombian drug boats off the coast of Nicaragua? Do you have a project (big or small) made with Debian you'd like to show off? Even if you think its trivial or uninteresting, we want to hear about it! Using Debian for keeping track of your socks might seem uninteresting to you, but... What cool package(s) are you using? Did you buy a beverage for a Debian contributor at DebConf? Are you using packages from a general area of Debian (science, games, development, servers)? What about Debian do you think needs changing - do you have any specific gripes? Is there a specific package that needs to be maintained better? Do you have the popularity-contest package installed and working? If not, why not? Are you missing certain packages that are not available in Debian, were removed from Debian or are not available in the last stable release (etch)? Why are you using Debian rather than RHEL/Fedora/CentOS, Gentoo, Ubuntu, MacOS or Windows (or the other way around)? Are you making a living using or customising or deploying Debian? What are your plans for using Debian in the future? Did your Debian wishlist for 2007 come true? What is your Debian wishlist for 2008? What does Debian mean to you? In what ways do you or do you intend to contribute to Debian and free software in general? How can we help you to contribute to Debian or free software in general?

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