Friday, April 18, 2008

Software As A Disservice: Microsoft's absurd software subscription

"In 'Albany,' Microsoft has picked a perfect codename: a byword for bureaucratic waste, dysfunction, and corruption. As in New York's capital, someone needs to clean house. And as in New York's capital, it's not going to happen."

You aren't reading the tea leaves properly on this one. The software by subscription model is dead.

MS is taking plummeting product quality and bloat to the next level. This trend will continue until MS blends current malware technologies, using P2P networks into Vista2 which will attempt to infect every machine on the Internet.

They will monetize this by instead selling software to rid your machines of their other loathsome products.

Estimated pricing:

Microsoft Anti-Windows: $499

Microsoft Anti-Office: $349

As usual, you will be able to buy machines with this software pre-bundled, and there will be volume purchase agreements for large businesses.

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