Thursday, April 10, 2008

IBM chip is fastest on Earth

"IBM Corp. began shipping high-end computers Tuesday built around the fastest chip on Earth, a microprocessor that can carry out up to 5 billion instructions per second, surpassing the speediest competing processors built by rivals like Intel or Sun Microsystems.

The new IBM processor, called the Power6, was designed to run big-ticket, water-cooled machines that drive corporations or tackle scientific problems, but slower versions of this same family of chips are already being used in inexpensive, consumer devices like the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation."

Why isn't anybody still (or again) building laptops and desktop systems based on this technology?

Because too many people still have their heads up Microsoft's (and to a lesser extent Intel's) ass.

I'm just glad there is an operating system that is CPU agnostic, and in the long run, in a world market, best technologies will prevail.

Invest wisely.

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