Friday, April 25, 2008

While Ballmer and Yang Fiddle, Web 2.0 Hotties Burn… | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD

With the $30 billion left over, it could be like Christmas in July for the geeks and venture firms of Silicon Valley. But Microsoft could scoop up a lot of good stuff, even if prices are high.

Here’s a list: LinkedIn. Digg. Flixster. Slide or RockYou. Veoh. WordPress. Sphere. Sugar. Some international stuff. And more.

I can hardly wait for the case of indi-GEST-ion that MS will get from swallowing Yahoo, but the results would/will be the same if they swallowed the companies you name.

Microsoft is like a very large python snake. Yahoo is like a Sears Kenmore deluxe washer dryer combo.

The companies you name are like that washer-dryer taken apart down to the major component level.

The issue isn’t the size of the things swallowed, its what they are made of. In the case of the Kenmore, mostly steel. In the case of Yahoo and those smaller companies, mostly Unix.

Either way, MS (the python) will choke if not die.

This has been Mac Beach, reporting from the museum of bad analogies.

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