Friday, September 12, 2008

Fact Check: McCain earmark claims examined -

"Sen. John McCain has been a crusader against so-called earmarks and says his opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, has asked for almost $1 billion in pork-barrel projects for his state in just less than four years in the Senate."

The Obama campaign points out that although McCain hasn't asked for earmarks, his running mate hardly has room to talk.

So, Obama: $1B, McCain: $0, Biden: Undisclosed save for $300M, Palin: $450M

One little quibble though: As governor Palin could ask for money, but wasn't in a position to vote (or quid pro quo) for such funds. I'm guessing any US citizen could write and ask their congresspeople to send them money for this thing or that. Hardly seems fair to compare her requests with the others. But even if you do (and assuming last year wasn't the first year Biden started earmarking) the Dems are way ahead on spending our money.

No real surprises there.

For a list of Obama's requests go *here*

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