Monday, September 08, 2008

Senator Biden's Drama - New York Times

I'm loving the new Google archival news search:
THERE was consensus on the talk shows yesterday: Senator Joseph M. Biden Jr. was hurting. The Delaware Democrat has ''very severe problems,'' David Brinkley said on ''This Week With David Brinkley.'' John McLaughlin, host of ''The McLaughlin Group,'' said, ''He's dead.'' On ''Washington Week in Review,'' Paul Duke, the most reasonable of moderators, asked, ''Who is the real Joe Biden?''

Mr. Biden's drama is being played out on television. This is appropriate because television has gotten him in trouble. Newsweek now reports that a videotape of a Biden appearance in New Hampshire shows the candidate telling a voter that he graduated ''in the top half'' of his class at law school, which he attended on a full scholarship. In fact, Mr. Biden finished 76th in a class of about 85 at law school, which he attended on a partial scholarship. The tape will now haunt him.

even though I suspect I could have found this even before, but some of the hits I'm getting are in fact newly scanned old newspapers.

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