Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Staffing Up Will Be Key Task For New Motorola Chief -

"The fastest-growing phone makers in the U.S., including Apple Inc. and BlackBerry maker Research in Motion Ltd., have hired key employees from Motorola. Apple has lured away a global head of sales for the game-changing iPhone, a seasoned supply-chain chief and sales reps to help it break into Motorola's turf in Latin America. RIM, which now makes one in 10 cellphones sold in the U.S., says it has hired more than 500 former Motorolans since early last year."

To paraphrase master criminal Moriarity: "Everything I have to say to Mr. Jha has no doubt already occurred to him."**

Come to think of it, that would make a good motto for this blog.

** But just in case it hasn't: Like a 98 pound weakling that has gotten into the ring with the heavyweight boxing champion of the world and now looks like an uncooked piece of hamburger, your options are to go to the hospital, or go to the morgue. But whatever you do, don't get back into the ring (I made a pun).

To Motorola, Yahoo, Palm, and many others: we are tired of reading about how you are a victim of "unforeseen" circumstances etc. You are serial screw-ups and the chances of you having a great idea that gets you back into the game are infinitesmally small. Please, just go quietly into this good night (or something). Shareholders: Get your money out now and redeploy it where it can do some good. Advancement in technology needs new blood and companies with bold new ideas, not just companies incrementally milking a monopoly they already have, or once had. (Are you listening Microsoft?)

I just saw a Motorola Razr phone advertised for one of the pay-as-you-go cheap phone companies. There is your niche Motorola. Make the worlds most advanced give-away, throw-away, who-cares-if-you-lose-it phone for Tracfone and others to flood the market with (but that's not without risk too because Nokia, LG and Samsung already have a lot of those). Otherwise, open up a nursing home, gas station or some other business that doesn't require a lot of advanced thinking. There is such a thing as too late (and such a thing as too long a post over something that is of no relevance).

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