Monday, June 22, 2009

White House Twelver Rewrite Desk - What's News Tonight

I have an incomplete list of who or what the White House thinks about when it rewrites and repositions and refashions the Twelver apologies. First must be the TV audience: very dangerous lot, since it doesn't listen to words, it looks into the eyes and studies the body movement and can smell clumsiness and false witnessing. Secondly is the print media, leading with NYT but also including the hard working WaPo and the dutiful EU papers like the Financial Times and the Guardian. Then there is the Democratic left, the Republican right, the so-called independent bloggers, and also Maureen Down hearts Karl Rove. Way down on the list is the Iranian ex-pats and the Tehran demonstrators. Am unsure where the Twelvers are on this list. Or the Twelver factotums such as Hamas, Hizballah, Damascus, or the Twelver adversaries such as the House of Saud and the creaky Cairo lot. You can see why rewrite is maddening at the NSC.

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