Monday, August 24, 2009

Commentary: What LBJ would do -

He would get Jack Valenti to call the Pope if it would help.

He would have speeches written for members for the Congressional Record and hometown newspapers.

He would use up White House liquor having nightcaps with the leaders and key members of BOTH parties.

Each of them would take home cufflinks, watches, signed photos, and perhaps even a pledge to come raise money for their next election.

He would be sending gifts to children and grandchildren of members.

Funny. Nothing in here about actually justifying the policy, explaining away the numerous unintended consequences, figuring out how to pay for it in the long term.

This explains a lot about how our country got where it is, and where it is likely to end up going.

Had it not been for his bungling of the war in Vietnam, how much more harm Johnson could have done.

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