Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why the Washington Post Censored Robert Novak

What's more, the description is false. Ayers wasn't "antiwar;" he was pro-war. He wanted the communists to win in Vietnam. This is why his Prairie Fire manifesto was dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, an anti-war candidate.

In its editorial about Ayers' comrade Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, the Post laments that the Obama Administration has failed "to call attention to the genuine and serious hostile actions that Mr. Chávez has taken against his neighbors and the democratic opposition in his own country. Those should rightfully be the subject of urgent inter-American consultations. That they are not shows how far the administration is from mounting effective Latin American diplomacy."

This is yet another indication that the paper doesn't seem to understand that Obama, Ayers and Dohrn are all on the side of Chávez. There should be no confusion.

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