Saturday, February 27, 2010

New York State of Disrepair -

Sometimes the comments outshine the article:

Look around the world. WITHOUT exception those countries that have pursued policies demanded by the Left have lower standards of living than America, less wealth than America, less individual liberty and freedom than America, have invented fewer productivity-enhancing technologies than America - and, as NONE of them have a fertility rate above 2.1, no belief even in their own future.

This includes all of Europe (including Russia, a European country), Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada. All countries governed by the Left, whether they call themselves "Progressives," or "Social Democrats," or use the mis-appellation of "liberal." (Classical Liberalism, of course, is the celebration of the individual over the group - the antithesis of "liberalism" today.)

There are NO historical exceptions to this. NONE.

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