Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Richard Cohen - Press can't dig stick out of ass for Palin

OK, I changed their headline to be more accurate.

Here is the rest of what I had to say:

"Alaska is close to Russia"

By my measure in Google Earth about 50 miles, mainland to mainland, not counting little islands scattered about that are owned by both countries.

Not necessarily a big Palin fan myself I get a little tired of hearing about this supposed gaff in geography.

When I search on "Cohen Palin" it would seem that you have made a career off of obsessing about this woman (as has much of the media). Did she pee on your snow cone?

"Alas, for both the right and the left, Palin is not a leader. She neither founded nor leads a movement and, as far as anyone can tell, has no ideas of her own. She's a validator, satisfying her audience's narcissistic urge to be told they are correct in their thinking. They look at her and see themselves. Ah, love."

Plug Obama in for Palin and the formula still works. A man who (with teleprompter) delivers a good speech and we know nothing about his grades and he has no track record in anything but activism. He's made far worse gaffs in geography and International protocol already and in such a short time.

Seriously, you are out of touch with reality.

There were half a dozen anti Hillary books written in the run-up to the election which probably did more to help her than hurt her. Headlines are good no matter what they say.

So much name calling so little real analysis. The mainstream media becomes more pathetic by the day. Good thing Kaplan is doing so well eh?

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