Tuesday, February 09, 2010

President Obama's Antiterror Policies - WSJ.com

As long as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were responsible for keeping Americans safe, Democrats could pander to the U.S. and European left's anti-antiterror views at little political cost. But now that they are responsible, American voters are able to see what the left really has in mind, and they are saying loud and clear that they prefer the Cheney method.

Mr. Holder has nonetheless begun a campaign to defend his decisions on Abdulmutallab and KSM, telling the New Yorker last week that "I don't apologize for what I've done" and that trying KSM in a civilian court will be "the defining event of my time as Attorney General."

Hopefully, defining the end of it.

The tautology at the center of this most recent bungling is that we went through many years of having "suspects" that were obviously guilty set free simply because the officers involved in the apprehension neglected to immediately Mirandize the detainee. Simply put, if it was valid to Mirandize the underwear bomber, then it should have been done immediately, else our brilliant AG needs to let him walk. If it wasn't valid to Mirandize the underwear bomber, then why did they do it?

As other statements from this dysfunctional administration indicate, what they want to conduct is a "show trial", yes, just like we used to accuse Communist countries and other dictatorships of doing. Is this the sort of thing the people who voted for Obama had in mind? Somehow I doubt it. But good luck getting them to admit the discrepancy between the change they voted for and the change they got.

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