Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Open Source: It's Still All about Control

"There is this delusion by some open-source opponents that open-source and free software is some kind of wild-eyed, long-haired socialist experiment by neo-hippies who don't bathe, don't have real jobs and sneer at the capitalist, work-a-day world.

The fact that IBM—capitalist company of capitalist companies!—has bet it all on Linux seems to have escaped them.

It's not just IBM though.

Despite the dopes who insist that there's no good reason to switch from Windows to Linux, Microsoft knows better. CEO Steve Ballmer himself counts Linux among the most significant challengers Microsoft faces—not because of anti-Microsoft bigots—but because there is a real business choice between Linux and Windows."

Well, I quoted half the article. But it was worth it...go read the rest!

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