Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rocketboom goes off the deep end as well

Is it a full moon?

First, they attempt to go "dumpster diving" which Amanda thinks is an acrobatic activity (really now?) Next they sneak into an unused part of a freight yard somewhere and get caught by a security guard. Has the left-wing politics schtick taken them just a bit over the edge maybe?

I know dealing with actual issues, (or even technology, Dan Gillmor) is a lot of work, and we are having some nice sunny weather, but cool it guys, you are making the left seem even loopier than it seemed before, if that's possible.

Hint: Dumpster diving is probably not something best done in New York. But in any locale, a high tech store or high tech office building is where you want to do it. I also think flip-flops are a bad idea. Really, if at all possible I'd find an old NASA space suit, unless you are pretty sure there is no rotting food, rats, and other crawly things in there. Stories of people pulling out fully working PCs, including high-end servers out of those things are interesting, but rare. People going for a meal, well thats just sad, and not something to make light of.

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