Friday, August 26, 2005

Survey: Apps Availability Drives Choice Between Linux, Windows

"While 92 percent of Rackspace's Linux customers and 60 percent of Rackspace's Windows customers said they feel that Microsoft's operating systems are more vulnerable to security threats, Microsoft remains the fastest growing part of Rackspace's business."


"In the end, however, the company found that Windows ends up costing about 20 percent more because of additional software costs and the need for additional hardware to support the same number of applications."


"Thus, Rackspace found that its clients continue to choose Windows, despite it being more expensive and less secure, because of accessible developer talent and availability of integrated tools.

The buying decision itself was driven at a relatively low level. Application developers and IT departments are still making the operating system choice. "

Which is why the Dilbert cartoon will always be popular. Moronic decisions will continue to be made by incompetent middle managers until the cumulative effect of those decisions eventually overwhelms the bottom line of those (mostly US) companies. That is, unless litigation costs for security issues don't get them first.

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