Monday, June 09, 2008

John Batchelor Show - Home

"In 'War and Peace,' Tolstoy told the tale of Bonaparte and Alexander's meeting from the cool remove of the ambitions of the two emperors. Both wanted confirmation of their regal status. Nether wanted more war. Lev Nikolaievich leaned hard on making Bonaparte impudent, bold, vulgar, fresh, dynamic, unpredictable. The Tsar remained majestic. Mrs. Clinton makes a Petersburg darling. You can imagine her at the Winter Palace, in long furs, drinking green tea, writing, writing, writing. Obama as Bonaparte? Directing the letter 'O' on the flatware, the parquet floor, the horse blankets, the bear skin hats of the Imperial Guard? Sure. Certain. Start Puccini. JB."

John Batchelor has a radio show again. Has had for a while, but only recently has it been easy to get to (for me anyway). Daily would be nice, weekly will do. Two hours after all would be a lot of work five times a week at the level it was going before (cram packed).

There is also a web page again, finally!

Welcome back John Batchelor.

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