Monday, June 16, 2008

Windows dual-boots its way onto a Linux stage

"IBM today plans to detail a blade system running 5,376 Intel Xeon quad-core processors; each chip runs at 2.5 GHz and uses 50 watts. The system, which is capable of reaching 46 sustained teraflops (a TFLOPS is a trillion floating-point operations per second), runs a beta version of Windows HPC Server 2008."

Jokes that will no doubt find their way onto Slashdot if it covers the story:

(1) With more than five thousand processors working in parallel, engineers claim to have Windows boot times down below one minute.

(2) Esitimates are that with so many Windows machines running at once no more than ten percent of them will be infected with viruses at any given time.

(3-n) in (2) substiture any of the following for "infected with viruses": "Blue screened", "bogged down with pop-up ads", ""asking user permision to enter admin mode", and so on.

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