Thursday, January 15, 2009

Big Hollywood

Some "interesting" links:

You might have read about this Russian guy's prediction of the collapse of the US. He makes some interesting points (not all of which I agree with):

Here is someone more optimistic than I am about the viability of conservative thought:

I'm reminded that it isn't just the mainstream NEWS media that so strongly influences voters on the left, it's also, and maybe mostly the mainstream ENTERTAINMENT media. Obama voters got their outlook not so much from Katie Curic and Chris Mathews, but from Tina Fey, Jon Sewart, SNL.

By the way that web site:

is put together by the guy that helped develope the Drudge site, so it will be interesting to see a conservative outlook on Hollywood. I would have never guessed that Orson Bean was still alive, but here he is:

I know this sounds a little nuts to a lot of people. But what doesn't, when you stop to think about it? Science now pretty much accepts the idea of the Big Bang theory. At a certain point, fifteen billion years ago, an infinitesimal speck of something or other somehow came into being. It exploded and within a few seconds, everything needed to create the entire universe appeared, including time and space. Is that crazy or what? But science says it's true.

Ten percent of the gross weight of every living thing on earth is ants. Ants! Don't talk to me about crazy. It's all crazy. Why do we fall in love? Why does love turn to hate? What's the capital of North Dakota? These are unanswerable questions.


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