Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Global w-wa-warming.

'Anyone who sends their kid out today is out of the running for parent of the year ' said Eric Friedman a spokesman for Mad River Glen ski area in Fayston Vt. A frostbite caution sign was posted at the ticket office but few skiers were there to see it because of the 5-below-zero cold Friedman said.


  1. Thought you'd be interested in this:

  2. I read quite a bit about GW (who can avoid it these days?) and while I am certainly a man-made global warming skeptic, I can also say I haven't rejected it as a possibility either.

    I'm curious to know what the politics of it would look like if we discover we are entering a natural ice-age so severe that our only recourse was to pump CO2 into the atmosphere as fast as possible to stave it off.

    It's always best to diagnose the exact nature of the disease before starting medication.