Monday, January 05, 2009

Flat-screen TVs to face energy-efficiency rules in California - Los Angeles Times

"Sales of television sets are growing by 4 million a year, the vast majority of them flat-panels. LCD -- liquid crystal display -- sets use 43% more electricity, on average, than conventional tube TVs; larger models use proportionately more. Plasma TVs, which command a relatively small share of the market, need more than three times as much power as bulky, old-style sets."

News to me, and a bit hard to believe, but there is no explanation given for a statement that contradicts everything I've read on the subject thus far. thank-you in-depth MSM reporting!

But maybe it's not just bad reporting. The graph which pictorially restates the above is taken from a state energy commission web site that has lots of links to "useful information" mostly consisting of dead links, or in some cases presentations not of facts on energy use, but instead on high level self promotions for the commission selling the importance of continuing to measure things at taxpayer expense.

I can only assume that the value of CRT TV sets over the newer LCD models has to do with the relative size of the two. I can believe that someone replacing an old 27-inch CRT set with an LCD that is at least twice that size MIGHT be consuming more power. I find it still very hard to beleive that inch for inch the energy used goes up.

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