Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obama Bets Big on Big Government - The Fix

"President-elect Barack Obama enunciated his vision for an activist -- and expansive -- government as the best way to address the economic crisis in a speech this morning, and in the process placed a major bet that the majority of Americans' attitude toward government has changed drastically in recent years."

Well, if the (People's Republic of) Washington Post is admiting to it, it must be true huh? Later in the same article:
What's clear is that Obama is following through on his campaign promise to think big and, at times, fundamentally alter the political calculus in Washington. It's a high risk, high reward strategy befitting a politician who believes himself to be a historic man in historic times.

What's altered? Democrats have beleived government was the solution to all problems forever. Apparently the only evedence that will convince them otherwise will be the complete colapse of civilizations (which for anyone who survives they will no doubt blame on the most recent Republican adminstration).

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