Sunday, August 02, 2009

Clinton and Jong Il: North Korea at the Brink | The New Ledger

If someone made this up, it wasn’t me. I still wouldn’t disqualify Michael Jackson as a Special Envoy to Kim Jong Il just because he’s deceased. He’s still more charismatic than Al Gore, looks more alive than John Kerry, has a cleaner ethical record than Bill Richardson, is less of a national embarrassment than Joe Biden, and has more influence with President Obama than Hillary Clinton. By a happy coincidence, the “Eternal President” of North Korea also happens to be a dead guy; indeed, Kim Il Sung’s mummified corpse may well be North Korea’s largest stockpile of preserved meat. A Michael Jackson-Kim Il Sung summit could make for some of the liveliest conversation since Ban Ki Moon and Warren Christopher were still alive. And then, who has seen recent pictures of Kim Jong Il, looking as spent as Jagger sneaking out the back door of a Vegas casino the morning after? He may not be far from meeting Michael Jackson after all.

Hilarity ensues...
Since at least February, when Mrs. Clinton publicly speculated about North Korea’s potential for a succession struggle, she has shown herself as adept at offending Kim Jong Il though inadvertence as ably as John Bolton was at doing so by design. Suddenly, those who criticized President Bush’s undiplomatic criticism of Kim Jong Il’s God-given right to deny 23 million North Koreans theirs are very quiet (which is for the best).

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