Monday, September 26, 2005

Coursey Makes Dumb Journalism Official

I used to think Coursey wrote dumb stuff for CNet just to get the readership stired up. Same goes for Scoble and a few others. But some things just go too far. He didn't get a single postitieve response, and since everything he said was wrong, anyone who supported him would be messing with their own reputation too.

Let's face it, there are people out there who, while they may actually be making their living as a "technology journalist" just don't know diddly squat about it. There is no excuse for this. I'm just glad they no longer publish him every day, or even several times a week. The number of writers at CNet I pay any attention to numbers about 3. Needless to say, Coursey isn't among them. His readers agree (I just just copied a few of dozens):

"# Incorrect
johnsu01 9/24/2005 1:11:59 PM
# Coursey again leans to M$
sagax 9/25/2005 1:40:05 AM
# Corruption by Microsoft
IT_Expert 9/25/2005 12:27:45 PM
# Uh..... reads/writes MS formats just fine....
linuxgrrl 9/25/2005 12:41:14 PM
# MS formats are encumbered with patents and vendor lock-in
systemx 9/25/2005 2:10:08 PM
# Actually, NO-ONE supports new MS XML format
nerd6 9/25/2005 6:14:47 PM
# You don't get it..
paulwallen 9/25/2005 9:15:10 PM
# BEEEP - Wrong!
pedershk 9/26/2005 3:39:44 AM"

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