Saturday, September 24, 2005 - Oracle, Palm Tumble On Weak Earnings

"Oracle wasn't the only company to report disappointing earnings: Palm plunged $6.28, or 18%, to $28.69 on Nasdaq after reporting that first-quarter profits slid 7% and offering a second-quarter earnings outlook below analysts' mean estimate. The handheld computer maker plans to announce a Treo smartphone that runs Microsoft software, the Wall Street Journal reported."

History shows that companies that go against Microsoft and then give in and try and cozy up to them don't fare well. Nor do they deserve to. So long Palm. My old Palm IIIs are still working fine (two months per set of triple-A batteries) than you very much, and I'll keep my eye out for something smaller and simpler, not some pocket (and pocket-book) busting behemoth running a bloated operating system.

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