Monday, September 26, 2005

Official Google Blog: Everybody won't hate this

"There's no viewer to download, and the bigger video window (which expands automatically to your browser size) is now compatible with Mac and Linux as well as Windows. You can skip around in the video and start watching it instantly, even beyond what's been buffered. And you can watch a 10-second snippet of playable videos right on the results page - making it easier to decide whether you want to commit to the whole thing. "

So, why can't Microsoft do this? Or Yahoo?

Well, suddenly I have a feeling they will be inspired and multi-platform players will spring up. And then as was the case last week on Slashdot, someone from Yahoo will be asking: "Why all the attention to Google?"

So here is the answer for anyone who asks: Google is innovating. They aren't doing everything perfectly the first time, or at all in some cases, but they are trying things. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Yahoo are watching, and copying (and copying Apple too when they do something first) and whining and crying that nobody pays attention to THEIR innovations. You know, it helps to look up big words before you use them...

Google define: Definitions of innovate on the Web:

* introduce: bring something new to an environment; "A new word processor was introduced"

So, MSN maps isn't really innovative, not when all the features they brag about available for months from Google. So really, Microsoft, stop bothering us with your "new" ideas. Call us when you really have something. Or if. That goes for you too Yahoo. And stop your whining, it gets on our nerves.

Now for what Google has done. Check this out. And THIS HAHA!

These videos worked first time on both Linux and Apple. On the linux machine I've never bothered to install browser plugins for video... it's one of those things I get around to doing the first time I really have to have it. But this works, and the previews work. Everything works. Don't know how they did it, but I'm sure MS and Yahoo "engineers" will be right on the case in a day or so.

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