Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Climate Cult - What's News Tonight

Meanwhile I read on ClimateDepot that there is a surprising detail this Summer 2009 about sea ice in the Northern Hemisphere. This is not a positive for the "we are melting" chant. Al Gore, call your science officer: "June 2009 monthly sea ice data is now out for NH and SH. The global sea ice anomaly in June 2009 remained positive. Over the 1979-2009 period, there is zero trend in global sea ice anomaly, with a SH increasing trend offsetting a NH decreasing trend. June 2009 NH anomaly was not remarkable." What I understand from the 82 comments is that the NASA projections for the retreat of the Northern Ice Pack do not take into account this "anomaly." Also that the worldwide warming trend may be limited to the North Hemisphere. This seems irregular. The cult gotta lotta "splainin' to do. "Looks like cryosphere is ignoring the Southern Hemisphere. Guess they aren't really talking about 'worldwide' climate, just the Northern Hemisphere...."

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